• Frank Craig, lead guitar emeritus.
    Frank grew up in Raleigh, went to Broughton High School and then to the School of Design at NCSU.
    He is an retired architect and responsible for originally assembling the group. After some health problems, Frank has returned to rehearse with Spot and perform a few songs.
  • Frank Gordon, lead guitar.
    Frank is an attorney specializing in railroad law. He has a band called Frank's Garage that plays monthly at "He's Not Here" in Chapel Hill..
  • Durham Potter, keyboards.
    Durham lives in Raleigh where his general contracting company "Builders Unlimited" is located.
    He grew up in Asheboro, NC. and went to NC State.
  • Michael Proctor, rhythm guitar.
    Michael lives in Parkton, NC where he runs Proctor Bro's. Nursery.
  • Thomas Sayre, bass.
    Thomas grew up in Washington, D.C. climbing among the gargoyles on the National Cathedral.
    He is a partner in Clearscapes and a nationally recognized artist.
  • Bruce Sauls, drums.
    Another Raleigh boy, Bruce was born in Wilmington, NC and moved to Raleigh at age 7.
    Another NCSU School of Design graduate, he runs his own company computer software business.